A few days in Lancaster

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Preston, Lancashire.  Home of the University of Central Lancashire.  They beat Lancaster University in the sports competition they have each year – Lancaster’s “Warmup to Roses”.  So that’s it – Lancaster’s fate at Roses is sealed I guess.  And that’s the next time I’ll see the group of people I came up here to see.  Roses, York, summer.

It’s been fun, if a little busy, and I seem to have got myself roped into making the Sabb Elections site for the radio station.  I stayed at Sarah, Laura and Clare’s house on Wednesday and Thursday and then with Tiffany on Friday and Saturday nights.  That wasn’t quite what I expected.  You see I’ve not been able to contact Tiffany at all recently — she’s been busy with everything a university 3rd year involves and she’s had depression problems.  She was always a little bit changeable in her moods but it never struck me that there might actually be something wrong.  I don’t know what happened to cause her to end up getting something done about it, but she did and possibly it’s helping.  She’s also got a new boyfriend – Stuart.  He’s the LULUMS president, a sound techie and generally very laid back.  I like him more than Rich, but I think I might have had an irrational dislike of him, he never did much to upset me I just didn’t like him much.  Stuart seems to be looking after her well which I’m glad about, especially at the moment.  Having said that, I don’t know how I feel about her having a boyfriend at all.  It’s strange — I love my Tiffany to bits but I would never go out with her.  Still I just want her to myself.  I remember the night she first spent with her previous boyfriend while I was still in Lancaster — she came to see me the morning after and we went to Sainsbury’s.  She was so happy and to see her happy made me happy and it was great, still there was this underlying feeling that I didn’t want her to be with him.  I think over time I put that down to not liking him very much but I’m not sure that’s what it was — I do like Stuart, but I feel kind of the same way about this.  On Friday he rang her asking if he should come round that night to stay.  Tiffany asked me if I would mind, and half of me wanted to say “Yes, I want you all to myself!  He can’t be there!”, but he obviously makes her happy and I couldn’t take that away from her could I?  I slept on the floor for two nights.  When William visited he got the bed.  That’s unfair.  “He came especially to see me” was the argument, which I guess washes a bit, I don’t know.  I don’t really care.  She’s happy, he’s acceptable: I’m happy.  I told her she had to come and see me over Easter and if she doesn’t I’m just going to turn up on her Mum’s doorstep and see her.

And now I have to go back to my flat and see the state it’s been left in.  The decorators didn’t contact me again so I guess everything must have worked out OK.  As far as I know they still have the key, unless he dropped it into the letter box, so I’ll have to arrange to get that back and everything.  I’m hoping having left it until today to go back the paint fumes won’t be as bad as they were on Tuesday night.  I think if they are then I’m going to have to wander over to the office and stay there tonight – I’ll take my sleeping bag, it’ll be fine.  After that I guess it might be possible to camp on Dana’s floor for a day or so, just long enough to open the windows and let the smell out.  The heating’s also off.  The pessimist in me (that’s most of me, to be fair) says tonight will be cold and fume-ridden.  Great.  Can’t wait.

I got an email from my brother’s best man today about his stag do.  They want to have it on (I think) the 9th June when his wedding is on the 14th July.  This is in York, that’s North Yorkshire  This could prove to be a bit of a problem what with living at the other end of the country, you know Hampshire down there south of London.  Bah.  I’ll have to see, I guess it might be possible if I go up on the Saturday in the day, go out that night and back on the Sunday but I wouldn’t fancy it much.  Am I a rubbish brother to even consider not going?

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