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Ooohh, I know its beeen tooooo long, but I have had loads to do, and I haven’t had chance!

Well, today was a good day – I got payed lots of money for two jobs that I have done.  That is always useful with Christmas looming round the corner, and my parent’s birthdays to come first as well…about the only thing I have to make up for that is my own birthday is before all those, hehe.  Sooo, yes, I have two cheques to put into the bank tomorrow (and then I have to wait to be ripped off for about a week while they hold onto the money I should have in their own hands, blah).

On other fronts I’m doing really well…now at least.  In the last few weeks Natalie and I have argued quite a lot, and I don’t like it…and its always about the same thing – what people think of her.  The thing is, she always says that people don’t like her, and that she has no friends, when I know that’s not true.  I try to tell her that its not true but she wont accept that, and I didn’t know why…that upsets me, that she wont accept what I know is true.  I didn’t understand why she was doing it, and I thought that maybe it was that she was insecure with that sort of thing, and that she was just saying it to get me to say the things I do…and yes, if that makes her feel better then I’m not going to criticise that, but it did upset me.  Last night though I rung her, and we talked, we talked for a good few hours about it all, and I think I made connections I haven’t made before – I know she had a rough time when she was at school, and she had told me before that people had been friends with her only when they wanted to, and been horrible the rest of the time, and it clicked with me that I think that is why she is like this with people now.  I think she has been affected by it so that now she thinks that everyone who is nice to her is only doing it because they want something, and that they will leave when they have it, I think that is why she thinks like that – because that is what happened before.  And I want to help her now.  I want to help her to realise that isn’t true, really I do, and I’m going to try.  I’m going to try.

Hmm, but today was wonderful – I had physics and politics this morning, then I met her.  We went to buy me some new trainers, and then went to her house, and it was wonderful, really it was fantastic.  I’m so happy with her, really I am (Hmm, I know you don’t want to feel sick 😛 ).  We rolled about and she read to me…it sounds silly, but I like it when she reads to me.  I was in a playful mood, and she was too, and we tickled each other, and it was all so nice, so good and it just seemed perfect…hmmmm 🙂

I did some lighting for my old school the other day – some of my friends are doing A-Level drama and I lit it for them.  It was great fun.  I don’t get to do that sort of thing anymore, but I love it.  I don’t know who rigged those lights though, but they had overloaded it all (tisck, lol), so that when I turned it on, the first thing it did was blow a fuse, and I had about an hour to find more, and re-rig it all, and work out how they wanted the thing lighting…mad, but so much fun, lol.  I finished my UCAS statement as well and handed it in, so that is a bonus, and out of the way, I just need to look into a few more unis before choosing 6 to put down.  Then that is done 🙂  And I need to start working towards the January exams as well (oooh, good fun, hehe).

I’m staying at Natalie’s tomorrow, so that will be good fun, I’m looking forward to it…in fact I think this will be a good weekend, and I’m in a happy kind of mood…I hope it can carry on, lol.

I will try to write here more, I promise as well, but for now I think I am off to the bath to get all clean 🙂

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Good to hear from you.

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