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I’ve finally got my Christmas shopping started.  Hurray.  I might have only managed to get something for my parents, but at least it’s started.  I also have an idea for my brother and sister-in-law.  I still have next Sunday to finish off before I go back up north, and I might do some shopping on Wednesday if I get chance.  I also managed to get my mum’s birthday present and I have plans for my dad’s.

So here it is, this year’s Christmas shopping list:

  • Mum and dad: Garmin nuvi 205w (Halfords, £119.99)
  • Brother and sister-in-law: Sony DPF-D70 7″ digital photo frame (PC World, £73.39)
  • Grandma: As yet, I’m not sure.  This is usually the way with my Grandma’s present.
  • Tiffany: Again, I’m not sure yet.  I have either until Tuesday or after Christmas to find something.  I suspect she’ll have to wait.
  • Dana: Just something reasonably small.  Still not sure what yet.

So, as you see, I’m kind of half way there.  I also bought slippers for my mum and will order an enlargement of one of my photos from the Farnborough Air Show which I can frame for my dad’s birthday present.

One thing I did like about today’s shopping trip was the mis-pricing of various things.  Both the slippers and the sat nav were labelled as per the old VAT prices.  Once I got to the checkout they were cheaper.  In the case of the slippers it was only a few pence saving, but the sat nav was a reasonable amount.  All in all, a reasonably successful trip for just a few hours.

I also checked on the bikes Halfords have this season — my parents said they would put some money towards it as my birthday and Christmas present.  There are a few which caught my eye so I think I’ll have to check in again after Christmas and see what’s going on with their sales.

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