This weekend

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It’s been wonderful, really, really nice.

On Saturday, I went to theatre school as normal, and met up with all my friends and Natalie, then we went off to Burger King as usual, and ate.

Natalie was supposed to be going on on her work’s Christmas party (and I was supposed to be shopping with Ben for Christmas stuff while she was there), but it was cancelled, so we had the whole day together.  We went to visit her grandparents, and then…

We were going to Amy’s party that night, and I had arranged to get my parents to give us a lift there, so Natalie had to get ready at her house, and then come to mine for me to get ready, then go.  We got to hers about half 3, and her and her mum went off to get her all ready for the thing (she bought a new dress and some new boots for it), and I was left to fill in that time (heh, I went on the net, lol).  When she came back though, she looked amazing – absolutely beautiful – I wanted to give her a kiss, but I couldn’t because of her lipstick, but she was amazing.  The dress was really nice, and she looked gorgeous.  We set off and it was freezing, so we hugged together to keep warm.  When we got to my house, I had a quick bath, and a shave, and then put on what I was going to wear.  I wore a white shirt and red bow-tie, with black trousers…which I have to admit is a bit subdued for me, but it was meant to be formal dress, and that was about as bright as I could get.  My parents thought we looked nice, and I think that Natalie was wonderful looking.  We got there a bit early, and I didn’t want to get there too early, so we went back into the centre of the town and waited for a while.  When we did go, we were on of the first there, but it wasn’t too bad, we sat with Dean from theatre school, and soon other theatre school people joined us.

In the end it was a really nice evening.  We tried ringing a taxi at 20 to 11, but they said they couldn’t get there until 12.45, so we ended up walking to the station with Dean (Prav and Matthew caught up part way there).  We got the 11.24 train, and were home about midnight.  Natalie and I went to bed with a nice hot water bottle, and spent the night together.  It was really nice…I love being able to go to sleep with her there, and wake up again in the morning and have her still there…I wish I could do that more often.  We slept in until about 10, and then didn’t get out of bed until about 11.  We looked at the photos of the party (they didn’t come out too well, a lot of the time it was too dark 🙁 ), and I had a shower (to get the glitter out of my hair that Cathy had sprayed in), and we messed about, tickling and pillow fighting, and cuddling and just talking for a while.  At about 3 we went out for a little walk, and wandered down to the video shop to get some crisps and things, then we walked over the river, through the station, and up the hill behind my house, to drop back down to it.  We talked while we were out, and we stopped, and we hugged, and it felt really nice…then, as we got to my house, just as we were coming to the door, I looked at her holding my hand, all beautiful looking, and I suddenly felt so wonderful.  I don’t know why, I really don’t, but it felt so perfect, and I looked at her, and I felt so much for her.  I can’t describe it, I don’t know how, but it was the best feeling in the world.  I want to be with that girl forever, I want to always be able to hold her hand like that, to hug her and talk to her.  I love her.

We came in, and had something to eat, then sat snuggled together on the sofa and watched some TV.  It was really nice, snuggled with her, and I wanted to stay there forever…but she had to go home.  I didn’t want this weekend to end with my Natalie, and I didn’t want her to have to go home, and I don’t want to not see her properly until next Friday, and I don’t want to have to go another week without hugging her…but I cant do anything about it.
I’m copying her files onto CD at the moment (she got a new computer (well, swapped it with her brother’s)), and so I suppose its back to college and normal things, but I’m glad this weekend was so nice, and I want to do something like that again soon, because I don’t think I have had such a nice time ever.  I love her.

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