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A little while ago I was asked to write something for a book being put together to be presented to a teacher who was leaving my old theatre school.  I thought I would write about something I had photos of — the day before his wedding. After much procrastination I finally sat down one night and wrote this short piece.

It was a cold, dark Saturday morning in early July.  The Pennine air was heavy with the soot of a thousand chimneys smoking with the heat of the furnaces ceaselessly burning below.  The biting winds lashing heavy stonework with the gnawing rain.  The whistle of the shuttles in their relentless crusade across the looms, echoing from vast gloomy structures.  But if one were to look carefully, to search deep in the heart of this industrial behemoth, one would be sure to find a small flicker of light shining through the murky façade.

However this Saturday was an exception.  This Saturday plans would come together and the resultant spark would create a flame so bright it would, for a few moments, defeat the imposing umbra.

Deep underground, six people were searching through a plethora of clothing for the perfect costume to convey the greetings they carried with them – greetings of joy and wishes of happiness representative of a whole group, destined for one man.  A man who himself had, through his noble teachings and expert guidance, brought joy and happiness to countless people.

As the clock ticked around to the appointed hour, the group set about their task; one clutching a written statement of their thoughts, another a humble gift.  Now transformed into a procession of blushing brides, the group descended on their target.  There, a presentation was made of the gifts and a few words were spoken to the gathered audience.

While the words of that day, along with words from many other a day, may have long since been lost in the mists of time and legend, it is the wisdom imparted through the patient teachings of our protagonist to which we page homage.  Teachings along side which a great number of memories for a great number of people lie.  Memories which will forever be associated with one man, a man known to most simply as Frank.

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