Local Elections 2015 in Farnham Castle Ward

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In the last few weeks the media has been full of information about the general election, and there are plenty of resources out there to help you find out about you local candidates. (Here’s mine!) But tomorrow sees more than just Parliamentary elections, across the country people are taking to the polls to vote for their local councilors as well. In Farnham Castle ward I’ve had very little information come through the door regarding the local candidates I’m being asked to choose from, so I have gone out to find out at least something about each of the candidates. Below is a list of people standing for Waverley Borough and Farnham Town councils, with some links which might be helpful.

Candidate Party Borough Town
Jo Aylwin Liberal Democrats
Paddy Blagden Conservative
Stewart David Edge Liberal Democrats
Celia Sandars (scroll down) Labour
Stephen Thomas Spence Independent
Geoff Swann Conservative
John Williamson Farnham Residents

NB. I was unable to find any information about local candidates on the Liberal Democrats or Conservative websites. I have contacted South West Surrey Liberal Democrats via Twitter and asked for a link to any information about their candidates. At this time I have had no response. I was unable to find a Twitter account for South West Surrey or Farnham Conservatives.

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