Presidential Poster Bingo

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Inspired by Bucharest Life’s post about the lack of campaign posters for all but two of the Romanian Presidential candidates, and with an hour to spare around Crângași in Bucharest’s Sector 6 last Friday, I decided to play a little game of Presidential poster bingo. I managed to collect 7 out of a possible 14, and a few funny looks along the way (especially while taking the Ponta photo). Some (Macovei) were harder to spot than others (Tariceanu).

As a footnote I should mention that in the last week I have seen one more election poster featuring a man wearing a pink shirt set on a green background. Unfortunately I was in the car, in the pouring rain with rather steamed up windows so I couldn’t tell exactly who it was. I suspect it was William Branza, but that really is just a guess. At least it tipped the scales to over 50%.

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