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With the excitement building to find out what prizes I have won on the Purely Creative “Win A Million” scratch cards, I thought I’d do some research into what the prizes actually are.

I have two winning scratch cards; one with two matching symbols, and one with three. The scratch cards list all the possible prizes, so I should be guaranteed to win one prize from both of the following lists.

Two matching symbols:

  • £8,000 – cash prizes are pretty straight forward. The T&Cs on the back of the cards say cash prizes are awarded as a cheques. 1 of these available.
  • £5,000 – again a cheque, would cover the Canon 5D MkIII I want nicely. 2 available.
  • Family break in Orlando – the back of the card says this prize “includes return flights from UK mainland + 14 nights hotel accomm. for 2 adults and 2 childen.” There is no information about what hotel it would be. Nothing else is covered either, so you’d have to pay for meals and any additional costs. I suppose if you were thinking about your family holiday anyway this would save a big chunk of money, so not a bad prize. Not really a prize I want. (Also see note below about holidays prizes.) Again 2 of these are available.
  • 5-star city break in Paris, Rome or Madrid – “includes return flights from UK mainland to Paris, Rome or Madrid + 3 nights hotel accomm. for 2 adults.” This sounds more appealing to me. Again no information about hotels or anything, and additional costs would have to be met by the winner. (Again, see note about holiday prizes.) 3 city breaks.
  • £500 – cheque. 4 £500 pound prizes.
  • iPhone 4GS – 4GS doesn’t make sense, so presumably they mean just iPhone 4S. We all know about the iPhone. No information about which iPhone it would be, but I presume it would be the sim-free 16GB model. I don’t really want one, but a new one probably has a decent resale price. 5 available.
  • Amazon Kindle 3G – this is presumably the Kindle Keyboard 3G. A nice prize, I wouldn’t mind one of these. 6 available.
  • Superdry Watch – there are a whole load of Superdry watches. No information about which one it would be but I’d presume the cheapest. There is a thread on the Money Saving Expert forum from 2009 about the Purely Creative scratch cards where quite a few people say their cards won watches, with the caveat being a £15 insured delivery charge. So far to claim the prize I have had to send a 2nd class stamp. It’s possible they chabged the way their competitions work, but I’ll see what happens. 1000 available, so not the lowest prize as is apparently the case on the previous games.
  • Top salon hair makeover – “Luxury salon haircut & finish experience is for 1 adult at a choice from 8 Burlingtons’ salons nationwide & includes style consultation, hair cleanse & conditioning head massage hair cut (or colour) & finish with an experienced stylist plus complimentary bucks fizz.” The Burlingtons website shows they have 8 salons. I checked the two nearest to me — London W1 and London Westfield — and looked at the price lists for each. A men’s cut and blowdry with a stylist (which is all you’d get, I presume, rather than any of the more senior stylists or “directors”) at Westfield is £22.50 while at their W1 salon it’s £41.00. Is there a difference? I would doubt it, but I know which one I would choose. I’m sure there are caveats to this prize, probably relating to the times you can claim it. This is the 1000+ prize, so most likely the one I will win. I actually could do with a hair cut, and I’ll be sure to post pictures if I do.

Three matching symbols:

  • £1 Million – the big one. According to this Loquax article, and in turn an article in the Sunday Mirror, before 2008 there hadn’t been a £1 Million winner for 18 years. Presumably it’s a cheque, though I can’t imagine what the bank might say if you came to pay it in. Of course there is only 1 of these.
  • £100,000 – cheque.
  • £20,000 – cheque.
  • £10,000 – cheque.
  • Week at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas for 2 – T&Cs say “includes return flights from the UK mainland + 7 nights at the Venetian hotel for 2 adults.” The Venetian Hotel is currently home to Blue Man Group and Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular (which, incidentally, has the weirdest seating plan I’ve seen for a while). I checked some dates in July on their website and the cheapest room I could find for 7 nights $1,323. Not a bad prize. The usual caveats for holidays must apply (see below). There are 3 of these out there.
  • £1,000 Tesco or Sainsbury’s gift card – there are no T&Cs notes about this one so I guess it’s just what it says on the tin. I guess it would be one of these or one of these (I especially like the Sainsbury’s “meal ticket” idea). The Sainsbury’s card looks like it can be used for regular shopping while the Tesco one is gifts only. That said, they are both limited to under £1,000 so perhaps it’s something a bit different. I wouldn’t complain about £1,000 to cover my shopping bill. 4 available.
  • Apple iPad 2 – the previous generation of iPad, currently £329.00 on the Apple store. Wouldn’t you be disappointed? I’m pretty sure when I started this process it was the biggest and bestest iPad you could buy. By the time I finish it no doubt there will be yet another iPad launched. There are 5 iPads.
  • £250 – a night out I suppose. In cheque form. 6 of these.
  • Handheld Dyson vacuum – something from this range of Dysons I presume. We have a DC34 at the office for cleaning computer insides out. Useful for that but I struggle to see what else it might be good for. There are 10.
  • £50 – hardly covers my time. Cheque of course. 100 available.
  • VIP Thames cruise for 2 – “for 2 adults & includes three hour ‘homes of the rich and famous’ boat tour on the Thames with afternoon tea on board the boat.” I have heard of these cruises and I actually wouldn’t mind giving it a go one day. There’s no indication on the card which company runs the specific tour, but I did find these two forms which look remarkably similar. My guess is it’s one of these tours. There are 1000+ of these available so again this is what I’m most likely to win.

Note about holiday prizes: there’s an FAQ on the Purely Creative website about holiday prizes which asks “I’m entitled to a free holiday for two people but I want to go on my own, is that OK?” That is a good question. The answer is basically “it’s up to the holiday company.” It seems like most of the holidays are pre-arranged when the competition is launched and so there wouldn’t be much flexibility in what you can choose to do. Or at least there would be extra to pay to change the terms of the prize.

Phew, so that’s it. Those are the possible prizes. From my reading around the web, my understanding is that if you ring the premium rate line you can find out which prize you win from the symbols on your card. I guess might have found that out if I had received my envelopes back in the first place, but I’m quite happy not knowing until my prize information arrives. Who knows, it could be the £1 million and I’m not sure I could wait 4 weeks knowing that…

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Hi, did you ever hear back from them? I’ve got a three-symbol and a two-symbol here with me, but I’m not sure whether I should bother sending them off…

Posted on 13th Jul 2012 at 6:18 pm by Helena.

Yep. As predicted I got the hair makeover and the Thames cruise experience. More in this blog post.

Posted on 18th Jul 2012 at 11:50 pm by Jonathon.

I had 3 matching symbols which is a price of one million and two matching symbol for £5,000 for me to get my claim number I sent a self addressed envelope, to my surprise they sent a claim number with a card including different prizes. This company is a scam !Rogue traders !

Posted on 20th Sep 2013 at 10:28 pm by Johnsom.

Is the top prize listed on the card £1 million and £5,000 for 3 and 2 matching symbols respectively? Every game has a range of prizes. The card you get when you get your claim number tells you what each matching picture is worth all the way from the lowest prize through to the highest prize (the headline prize on the card — £5,000 or £1 million in your case presumably). Just because you matched 3 symbols doesn’t mean you win £1 million automatically, it just puts that card in the “higher” prize category.

Posted on 21st Sep 2013 at 8:30 am by Jonathon.

I won one 3 symbol and a 2 symbol (Cake cake cake) (Lemon Lemon apple )ones but
surely it could potentially be a scam most of the websites i searched through said that the “£1 million symbol ticket cards are a scam” conning us out of our money is that true can anyone reply who definatlley know please? thanks :]because it seems to particularly easy too win especially that they’re symbol not scratchcards and they look fake

Posted on 2nd Mar 2015 at 2:45 pm by Luke 123.

My understanding, when talking about the Purely Creative scratchcard games (this is all I know about), is that every card has a 3 symbol winning game, a 2 symbol winning game and a losing game. I think this is printed on at least the newer scratchcards. The claim process is potentially expensive and from anecdotal evidence from people who have taken up the larger prizes they might not be all they are cracked up to be (ie. holidays which are sales pitches for timeshares or resorts with lots of expensive extras to pay). That said, I understand there is a prize of some sort at the end of the claim process and you can find out what that prize is from doing only the first step of the process — although this is the expensive bit!

I would suggest that if you’re in doubt, then don’t risk it — it’s unlikely you’ve won £1million!

Posted on 3rd Mar 2015 at 8:02 am by Jonathon.

I have used it and won. To my surprise all that I won was a pair of gloves.

I sent them a text which cost me £9 and then they sent me what having 3 symbols wins and what having symbols wins.

Neither of my symbols were there but as a good will gesture they sent me a prize for entering.

Which was a pair of £1 gloves.

This is a complete scam.

Avoid like the plague.

Posted on 14th May 2015 at 2:11 pm by jermaine.

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