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I said I would update again soon, and I have got bored with what I was doing, so I thought I would do this now.

I have finished all my exams for this week, the last one was Physics practical this morning from 9 until 11.  I have tomorrow off exams, but there is a Physics revision session that I think I will go to – other wise I will have nothing to do all day, and wont know what to do with myself, like I have done today.

Actually, it seems a lot later than it is now – I had this exam this morning, so that meant getting up at the normal time for college (actually, a bit early), and going into college for about quarter to 9.  That was over by 11.10, so I came back home again (I thought about going into Halifax, but I didn’t have much money on me, and I only wanted an ice cream, and I don’t think there would have been an ice cream van about on a Thursday.  So I came straight home, and was back for 11.40.  Since then I have been trying to find things to do.  So far I have cut the grass in the field, messed about on my computer for a bit, and looked on the internet to find out how much it would cost to convert a double decker bus to a holiday home thing (you see, I want to buy one and get it converted, I thought about this the other day on the way home, just thought it would be fun, lol.  I will never be able to afford it I don’t imagine, but I can have it planned out and then if I do get enough money… 😉

Actually, I am, for only the second time in my life, going to get a lottery ticket this weekend.  I thought I might as well as it is only one pound for 4 draws this week (they renamed it ‘Lotto’, so are having a big prize giveaway thing making you entered into 4 draws for one ticket).  So, you never know, I might be able to afford it after Saturday night. Then again…

I went off to Ben and Tim’s AS drama exam on Monday night and filmed it, I was really impressed with the result (the camera work was exceptional), and being able to see people from my old school again was nice.  The play was good too, but if it was better than the last year production of the same thing (which I lit), I don’t know, but it was very good, and I think Tim was by far the best person in it (heh, its good not telling people about this diary, because then I can say things like that and not upset them), and Ben was good, but he cant seem to do ‘normal’ acting – weird things, yeah, he is great, but not for normal things, he just doesn’t seem to be able to do normal…I suppose he has an excuse – he isn’t normal 😛

The weather has been really nice today, its supposed to be the start of a mini-heatwave, but it just now seems to have turned a bit, and the sun has gone in, and the wind picked up, but we will see, it might still be a nice weekend, and might be the start of that heatwave, we will see.

Natalie and I are getting on fine. That’s about all there is to say about that. We haven’t got to see each other as much as we would like in the last week or so because of the exams.  Still, just have to think – give it a few weeks and we will be able to be with each other loads more, and I can’t wait, but I have to get though my exams first.  Her brother is bringing his girlfriend back to their house today, but its not fair – I wont get to meet her (I wanted to meet her, lol), and her mum isn’t much looking forward to that (she is worried about what she will be like, but as I said – I don’t think she has to worry too much, they are only 12, so if she doesn’t like him, then there is plenty of time for him to change his mind.  Hmm, should I be saying things like that to my girlfriend’s mum?  Seems a little odd to say that I am going out with her daughter…but she likes me a lot, or so I am told, and I suppose I can see it).  I bought some love hearts as well on Wednesday – I was going into the shop at the bus stop to get some chocolate and they were just in front of me, and only 26p for a big pack, so I bought them.  I was looking for nice ones to give to Nat (childish, yeah, I know, lol), but the best I could find were ‘my all’ and ‘forever’.  I gave those to her when I came out of the shop.  Actually, when I asked her, she said she hadn’t eaten them yet because it spoils the idea, but, well, I don’t know, I just thought I would give them to her just for fun, and she can eat them if she fancies 🙂

When I was on the phone to Natalie last night she told me about this guy who came into her work (blah, evil word…no, mustn’t think that, I do need a job), he had a yellow cardigan round his neck, and was bout 50.  He asked her where the tins of fruit were.  To cut a long story short, he asked if they had any smaller tins because he was a bachelor, and so wouldn’t eat a whole big tin, and she suggested that he could buy a big one, and cover it with clingfilm and put it in the fridge to use later, he said that was a good idea and went off to the checkout.  She said it made her think (actually, she said that the thought had been wandering about in her head for a while, but this made her think about it more) – she said that she had decided that she can’t let me end up like that.  This comes from a girl who for as long as I have known her has said that the ‘only thing I [she] would take up the isle would be a cleaning trolley’ (get us together and you get a string of either sick and twisted innuendo, or really bad jokes, its great).  She is the last person I would think would say something like that…not that I think it’s a bad thing, but that is a bit odd…that and the other day when I, jokingly, said that I might get her an engagement ring for her birthday, she said that although it would probably be a silly thing to do, she would agree.  Should I be worried?  Well, no, I’m not.  Even though she has said all that, I don’t think that if it came to it she would agree, and I don’t have any plans of propositioning her just yet.  I can’t think of anyone in the world that I would rather, and I don’t think I ever will, but not just yet, thank you.

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