Parents evening, Natalie, work and a CD

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I have been meaning to do this since Tuesday now, but just haven’t got round to it…so, here goes…oh, and you know what it is all about now from the title…I think I should come up with some more original ones, I’m just not very good at them!

The week at college has been pretty dull with just normal college type of things going on.  It was also parents evening yesterday, which my dad went to by himself because my mum was on a conference.  It was just what I thought it would be – a waste of time.  Kevin (my politics teacher), was in a meeting when my dad arrived, and then had to dash off (even though he had appointments), so my dad was told that he would ring today (or yesterday now…but I’m calling it today because I have been up since – its still my Thursday, hehe).  Duncan (physics) told him what he told him last time that they spoke, and David just said I was doing fine, and that he thought I would do well in the kind of thing I want to do at Uni (actually, I didn’t know this until today when my mum told me (my dad didn’t tell me, but told her and she told me…), but he apparently said he thinks I should do a PhD…but I’m not too sure, how does Dr Jonathon sound, lol 😉 I don’t think anyone can say that I should do one at this time in my life!).  So I think my dad thought it was a waste of time evening as well.

I stayed at Natalie’s house last weekend, and she is staying here tomorrow night.  Normally we stay over Saturday/Sunday, but I’m working on Sunday this week, so I suggested her staying here Friday/Saturday, then going to theatre school together. Dixons rang on Wednesday (I think it was), and asked if I could work Sunday…I couldn’t really say no, as it was my first day. I don’t want to though. I want to be with Natalie. Sunday is the only time we get to be together for any length of time, and I miss her.  I know she doesn’t want me to work Sundays either – the was she reacted when I said I was made it obvious, and I knew anyway, because we had talked about it.  I don’t want to upset her (and for that matter, I don’t want to not be able to see her), but I don’t see how much choice I have…at least I suppose they might not want me to work then all the time – they might just want a quiet day to do all the introductions and things – he said I might well be doing the late night Thursdays, and he mentioned Wednesdays as well, which would both be good.  The other thing is that it is only for Christmas (and they are only open on Sundays over the Christmas period), so if I am working Sundays it will only be for a few weeks…but I know I’m going to miss Natalie while I’m at work.

In other things…well, I burnt my first CD (I got a DVD/CD-RW drive from my parents for my birthday), I made a music CD of a few things off other CDs I have so that I can take it to college, and have my best music with me.  It worked, so I’m going to have to back-up all my important data on my computer next.  Hmm, I think there was something else, but I cant remember it now (I know I keep saying that!), but I will come back soon and update again!

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CDS! *ohhhh* *ahhhh* lol. Hippy Pappy Birthday to you!!! *love you* Long time no see, we really do need to talk more online, you have my SN right? well use it silly!!

Posted on 28th Nov 2002 at 12:00 pm by Only_Hope.

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