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Monica and I recently reached the 1 year anniversary of being a Cineworld Unlimited Card holder. After a year Unlimited Card holdersĀ  are privileged to be upgraded to premium unlimited. In reality this means you get a little bit more of a discount at the snacks counter, free access to 3D films (in the first year of membership you have to pay a 3D uplift) and a slightly smarter black membership card.

As part of this we have been tending to go to the cinema at least once a week on Friday after work, and this involves planning. On Tuesday Cineworld announce the film times for the weekend ahead. It’s only then that we get to see if the film we were hoping to catch that weekend is actually going to turn up in Aldershot. The best website we’ve found for checking out upcoming films, and how likely they are to be shown at our local cinema, is the Film Distributors’ Association’s UK film release schedule.

We’ve found the site is only complete with dates and venues about a month in advance, so at the start of this month I decided to take a look at what films we might try to catch this month:

6th August

Fantastic Four – we actually gave this one a miss in favour of The Gift. If I have some spare time in the week while I’m helping Grim North with their production I might still see it in Bradford (although the same goes for Max and Pixels, below).

7th August

The Gift – we caught this one on the night of its release. Creepy but was expecting more having read the reviews.

Max – this one isn’t coming to Aldershot, but has a limited showing in Bradford this week. It’s one of the options if I decide to go during the day.

12th August

Pixels – another which we have decided to give a miss. That’s not to say I’m not curious. I’m sure it won’t be good, but might pass a few hours in the middle of a quiet day.

14th August

Absolutely Anything – a British comedy which Monica has expressed an interest in. Simon Pegg seems to be cropping up all over the place at the moment — this is the third film I can remember in recent weeks he’s stared in — and the previous two have been acceptably enjoyable. Perhaps this is where it goes wrong.

Man From U.N.C.L.E. – this remake of the classic 1960s television series looks like it could be interesting. I watched the original with my dad when I was younger so would like to see what they have done to update the story.

Trainwreck – a comedy which we’re torn about. I doubt either of us will be upset if we don’t manage to make it to see this one but if there’s nothing else happening over the weekend we might see if it’s any good.

17th August

Paper Towns – or The Fault In Our Stars without the illness. At least that’s how it seems from the trailers. Pretty sure we’ll end up seeing this one.

21st August

Vacation – this is one we have seen quite a few trailers for. Staring The Office’s Ed Helms, this one is pretty much a certainty.

27th August

Hitman: Agent 47 – based on the Hitman game which I remember playing during my time at university I’d like to see this film. It may not be the kind of thing I would normally choose to watch but the memories it brings back make me curious.

When the anniversary came up I decided to start tracking the films I had seen on this blog. My initial plan was to work out how much money I had saved by being an Unlimited Card holder, but it has developed into more of a log of the films I have watched including those I get through Amazon’s Love Film and Prime Instant Video. It’s still a work in progress but you can browse it here.

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