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So its September again, and September in England to students means that its back to education.  So it should be back to college, and it will be on Friday…but no one bothered to tell the second years at college that we start again on Friday.  I don’t know where I got it from, but I have written down in my diary that we start back on the 2nd, and when I spoke to other people from college, they thought the same…but apparently not.

I got back up at the usual college time, and set off to college.  When I got there, there were people going in, and also people going away – the thing is I only recognised the people coming out.  As I walked up the path to the doors, I heard some second years coming back down talking to each other about how they had read on some form or other that it was on the second that we came back, and about what they were doing for the rest of the week.  I took it from that that we wern’t back today.  I went up to the door, thinking I would just sit down and think about what I was going to do for the day (and sort of try to find out when we were going back).  I sat there for a while, and then Helen came up and asked ‘We arn’t back today, are we?’, ‘nope’ I said thinking she would be annoyed at coming in when she didn’t have to be, but she said ‘good, I didn’t think so, I have left my sister in the car’, and went inside.  Hmm, I don’t know if she knew about it before and if so where she has got it from, or if she thinks we start tomorrow with the schools round here, but anyway…I sat for a while longer, still wondering what to do for the rest of the day, when Jodie came up.  She asked if we were starting today or not, and was pretty annoyed when I told her that we wern’t – she had been on the bus for an hour, and had spent £11 on a week ticket which, as she said, she wont use again!  So she went in to give Charlie a piece of her mind (she didn’t, because he was looking after first years, but she left a message for him), then we chatted for a bit, she told me that we start on Friday, and she went off to see her b/f (and I just thought now – I thought he was in the navy, so why would he be in bed at home – I don’t understand).

I set off into Halifax to get some money out, got some doughnuts, then was waiting for the bus when Natalie came up to me.  She was on her way to college because her friend had said that they were meant to be in at 10.15, so I told her that we were in on Friday, and then invited her up to my house.  So we both ended up here, and walked a bit, and just rolled about talking (and she kept tickling me!).  For the rest of the week I don’t have anything planned.

Over the weekend, though, I had great fun!  I went to Music at Mertle, and Party in the Park on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was good fun, and we were right at the front – Natalie and I went with her parents.  Its a concert by Bradford city council and a local radio station (Classic Gold…its on Sky Digital if you are in the UK, so you know what kind of music, if you care, lol).  It is all old music, and they have had some good bands on in the past apparently, but this year the two we saw from the front were a Beatles tribute and a Queen tribute.  The Beatles were really, really good, and Queen were good (but didn’t sound much like Queen, I mean they sounded good, but not all that much like Queen).  Before that was an Abba tribute.  They were on just as we got there, and were awful!  Glad we missed that, but it was a good night, and the fireworks were really good at the end.

On Sunday we went to Party in the Park, and it was good, but totally packed – 30,000 tickets sold apparently.  The weather was very nice, and we sat on the banking and watched it all on the big screens.  It’s a good idea that they put a second one in (they usually only have one), but they put it in a stupid place so that half the field couldn’t see the stage, and had to watch it.  The sound wasn’t great where we were either, too much base and when people just talked you couldn’t really tell what they were saying.  Most of the music was clear enough, if you could tell what song it was and sort of knew it (and it lead to lots of funny interpretations of the words, like the chorus of that Busted track being ‘Because I perv on teachers’).  It was good, but Darius only did one track which I think was a bit of a rip off to say that he was billed as one of the headliners…but its not the end of the world, lol.  On the way home we left a bit early to miss the rush, but ended up getting the full train back to Bradford because there were no others!  I also got a bit of sunburn on my nose, which is starting to be sore now, lol.

So that was the weekend, and I suppose I will have to find something to do with the rest of the week.  Natalie is staying Wednesday night until Sunday, so that will be nice, other than that I have no plans what so ever, lol.

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