Finally back to college!

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It was really back to college today, finally, but as always with our college, it was a bit of a waste of time…I went in at 10, and met Kevin at the front who told me that we were in a different room because they had found asbestos in our old room (hmm, nice to know after I have been using it for a year, lol).  So I was there by myself at 9.  I sorted out what I was going to do, and my new timetable by about ten to 10, and then went up to a meeting with Charlie at 10.  That was about 10 minutes long, but that was supposed to be the time we were in college for (no one had told me we were supposed to be in at 10, and not nine).  So after that we all, as a group, went back down to our room, and went though all the things that I had already been though – a total waste of time for me.  Anyway, he kept us until about 12 then let us go. I could have gone at just after 10, but anyway…

I went to meet Natalie who finished at about 20 past 9.  Natalie has been staying here since Wednesday when my parents went away, and is going home on Sunday before we go back to college properly.  Its been nice having her about – I would have been all by myself if she hadn’t been here.  I’m hoping that when she goes, and I’m back at college full-time it wont be too bad because I wont be in all day, then when I am in I will have other work to do.  Hopefully that will keep me busy and I wont be too lonely.

Ben invited me to Blackpool on Sunday, but I can’t go for two reasons – I don’t have any money (still, grr), and I have to look after the cat, and I guess if we are going at about 12, then we wont be back until late, and he will need feeding, so it wouldn’t be fair.  It’s a shame, because it would be fun, and he doesn’t have anyone else to go with now he and Emma have split up, and Scott isn’t going because he has no money either.  So maybe I will do, I don’t know yet.

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I updated…explain more later. Missed you!!!

Posted on 6th Sep 2002 at 12:00 pm by Suicidal Princess.

Blackpool….ah my home town. It’s crap… well..hmmm

Posted on 6th Sep 2002 at 12:00 pm by She Who Daydreams.

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