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The weather was certainly right for college – it rained non-stop from just before lunch, and is still raining now.

I didn’t do much really today in college – I had two lessons and tutorial.  In Physics we just talked about the fact that our teacher couldn’t do one of the sessions (she teaches elsewhere most of the time), and that we will be getting a new teacher half way though the year (yey, shall we all just drop out now, or sit it and fail?), and when we could make up the hour and a half that we would be missing.  We don’t think we can :-\  Computing was a waste of time as well – David didn’t arrive until 45 minutes late, and then we just got given the things about what we will be doing this year.  I suppose we will start properly tomorrow.

One thing that has come out of today is that they can’t move the Physics lesson or Politics lesson, so they clash.  It means that I will have to do the Politics cource (two years of it), in 2 hours a week, and one year…should be fun :-\

I’m going to talk to Kevin about it tomorrow in our One-to-One, so we will see.

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*hugs* missed you…

Posted on 9th Sep 2002 at 12:00 pm by Jonathon.

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