End of exams!!

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Yey!  Well, that’s all my exams out of the way, yey.  I had my last one today – Physics.  The first one wasn’t too bad, but the second one wasn’t good – it had a lot of nuclear physics in it, and we didn’t cover that much so I’m not too sure on it.  Heh, anyway, that’s it for this year, and I can sit back for a while until the results come through!

I’ve got a week off now, its half term…and of course its the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.  Hmm, it seems like the country has gone flag crazy…mostly the pubs.  Its because of the Jubilee weekend, and the world cup too.  I think England’s first game is on Sunday (heh, I don’t know, I don’t follow it at all, not my kind of thing!), but on Richard and Judy today, there was a royal watcher who was saying that if England win the match he thinks the Queens celebrations will be brilliant, and if they loose it will all be a bit of a wash-out…so the celebrations about the Queen being on the thrown for 50 years all depends on how we do in the football…seems a little odd to me.

Either way it doesn’t bother me, I’m not going to do anything for the Jubilee (probably stay in bed, watch it all on the good old BBC), and I don’t think it will really bother me if we win the world cup either, so I don’t much care.

I don’t have any plans for the holidays at all, but I do have to go into college and return my Physics textbook on Wednesday because I went to take it back today, only to find it closed at 4..and it was later than that. So I will do that, and I think I will see Natalie a bit.  I’m going to see her tomorrow, and I think I will take the films Ben and I made for our GCSE drama and expressive arts exams with me so she can see them, because I got them off him when I saw him today.

The other thing I need to do from now on is look for a job.  I have pretty much run out of money I will look about again (heh, I have done before, and I have pretty much run out of places to write to, but Ben suggested Blockbuster, so I will try there…and I still have the Sainsbury’s and Tesco forms to send back), and I will have one by summer (4 weeks to find one, sounds like a challenge to me 😉 ).

And that’s about it.

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job fun stuff… school ends in 3 days for me! then i don’t have school for 3 months! YAY! i’m so happy. and football as in the funny shaped one the american kind, lol. well i hope that you are enjoying your break from school that should be nice. i hope to talk to you again soon! loves~

Posted on 31st May 2002 at 12:00 pm by Tink*Bell.

Good Luck on the Job hunt!!!!! and YAY! no more exams for you!!! *WHOOT* *WHOOT* And you can see my note! cuz I deleted it! heh…but you luv me. Dontcha? yeah you do. 😉

Posted on 31st May 2002 at 12:00 pm by ~*DenyingMyHeart*~.

flag crazy, yes, i know what you mean… its been like that since september here. and as for the world cup, i really don’t think much of it either, but this boy in my chemistry class who i am rather fond of (heehee!) who is very shy and hasn’t said anything in front of the class the whole year got so excited about it, he was talking so much! it was cute, heehee. but good to hear from you again!

Posted on 31st May 2002 at 12:00 pm by starre.

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