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Ohh, so its November now, and my birthday is in this month, hehe.

Hmmm, well, this week is over, and it was pretty un-eventful.  We were only in college for 4 days because there was staff development on Wednesday, so I went to see Natalie and we spent the day together.  Its going to be another four day week next week because there is a strike by lecturers on the 5th.  I think I might go into college though, and just find a computer that I can do something on, so I’m not stuck at home (if I just stay in I wont end up doing any work, lol).  Have to see how I feel on the day.

I think I am going to stay at Natalie’s house tomorrow night, but other than that I have no plans for the weekend…I know I need to do another politics essay for Monday, and I have more notes to write up for it as well (actually I might save that for Tuesday…), but I have a few things to do for college (oh, including the analysis of my computing project that needs to be in for mid November (groan, lol)).  I have also decided on my 6th Uni as well – Hull.  It looks nice, and they do a good course…and it isn’t too far away either 🙂

Hmmm, so today I have done some more scraping of the wall in the bathroom today when I had some spare time – I was going to go for a wander with my video camera, but then when I was about to set off it started pouring down, so I had the afternoon of nothing to do and scraped the wall and slept a bit. And, just out of interest, something that is totally irrelevant and I didn’t do today, but a few days ago, I have got a new monitor – my old one’s switch went totally so I couldn’t switch it on, and my dad got one from his school where they were throwing them out.  Its a nice one though, hehe.

Last night was halloween (like I really need to say, lol), and there were some halloween-y type things on TV.  I was watching ITV quite late, and there was this program called ‘Haunted Halloween Live’ and it started by saying that the witching hour was almost there…the first thing I thought was that it couldn’t possibly be live – it was just gone half 1 in the morning, lol.  Anyway, I watched it in the hope that it would live up to its promises of having some exciting experiments to find ghosts in this haunted house in Greenwich.  It didn’t at all.  It was pretty awful really, it had a few mediums walking about saying they could feel coldness in certain places, and they did an experiment to try to capture some orbs of light on cameras…but didn’t.  At the end they obviously had about 15 mins to fill in so had people talking about it all, and trying to convince one of the presenters that he should believe in ghosts…it was, to be honest, awful.  I think it came from ITV2 because that is the website address it had at the end (which would explain why it wasn’t live – because it was a repeat)…and I suppose it might have been good if you were just staggering in from the pub after a night out on the cheap drinks of a Thursday night, but I thought it was awful.  One thing that annoyed me about it was that at the end they kept talking about all this wonderful footage they had caught on camera that night, and how they couldn’t wait to see it…but then we didn’t see any of it before the end of the program.  Very disappointing.  Hmmm, well, that is the end of my little rant about that (it had to be said!)…do you think I would make a good TV critic(?), hehe.

So, I’m offskies…

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