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We got a note through the door a couple of days ago about a UCA student film due to be made in the car park which my desk overlooks. It’s not the first time the car park has been used for student filming — a couple of months ago a scene was filmed at night involving a car — but it is the first time we’ve been told in advance. I guess it might be as a result of the use of an imitation firearm. (Incidentally, I doubt that the story involves an imitation firearm as stated in the note. Rather I suspect that the story involves a real firearm for which they are using an imitation one.) So far I have spotted the British policeman, but not the firearm.


The students seem to have set up camp just on the edge of the car park they are using for the filming, well away from the road with a number of different levels to shoot from, and are spending the majority of their time sitting around chatting. I’m not sure if this is because they are students, or because they are making a film. Both, in my experience, involve a lot of doing nothing.

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