When it snows…

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Snow from my window

This was the view from my window at 7.35am on the 2nd of February 2009 following what they say was the heaviest snow fall in the UK for nearly 20 years.

I’m not sure that’s true though.  I’ve lived in the north for most of my life, and it’s not unknown to get pretty heavy snow up there.  I remember one winter not long after we had moved to Halifax there was a heavy snowfall.  It came on very quickly and people weren’t prepared.  The council opened the town hall up to look after people stranded in the town centre for the night and schools were closed.  But the council did their thing and next day everything was back to normal.

There were other times when I was at secondary school when we got sent home from school early because the snow set in. (In fact they sent people who came in on the school busses home early while the rest of us who lived off the beaten track and so couldn’t get home on the bus had to stay at school.  To this day I can’t make sense of that – why would you think it was a good idea to get those people who live on main routes home while stopping those who live on country side-roads from being able to leave in case they get stranded?)

Still, back then there wasn’t anywhere near as much fuss as this time around (from what I recall, although admittedly I’m an adult now which changes my perspective slightly).  Perhaps it’s just that the north is more set up to deal with these things (certainly the council up in Calderdale have themselves geared up to keeping the roads clear unlike, it seems, the council here in Rushmoor) and the people just take it in their stride.

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