Don't say: "Are you planning to stay all night?"

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A couple of weeks ago Paul, a work acquaintance of Dana and I, got married.  While they married in a small ceremony in Spain, they had a reception back here for around 200 people at a posh hotel.  I was invited, as was Phil, Dana and Tim.

We were told about it quite a long time ago, and Dana had spoken to Tim about him going.  He’d not been very keen on the idea and had initially tried to convince Dana that she shouldn’t go, simply because he didn’t want to.  Thankfully she stood her ground and said she was going, and that it was up to him if he wanted to.  He agreed to come along after he’d finished work and made his way back from Birmingham.  She offered for him to give both me and Phil a lift back after the reception. [read more]

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Fallout from a fickle industry

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So Tim lost his job.  Oh well.

Let me explain.  Tim is an animator, he draws stuff.  Currently he works for Rare, a computer game studio owned by Microsoft.  It seems that this industry, like most industries based around the arts, is pretty fickle and unstable.  When there’s work on it’s great, when there isn’t then there’s a whole load of talented people all looking for work doing the same thing.  His contract was only ever short — 3 months I think initially extended to 6 months — working on the little rip-off Wii Mii things Microsoft are releasing as part of their XBox 360 dashboard enhancements this autumn.  He heard today that they wouldn’t be extending his contract simply because they don’t have any work for them to do. [read more]

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"…is a bit a mystery"

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Isn’t it funny how one person can make you feel so many different emotions?  Maybe ‘so many’ is probably not the best turn of phrase in this case; possibly ‘such strong’ might have fitted better.  Isn’t it even stranger how they can do it without apparently even realising how it’s them affecting your feelings? [read more]

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