4th November, 2002

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Hmm, well I have a day off tomorrow because the college lecturers are all on strike – they want the same pay as school teachers, which seems a little over the top to me seeing as they don’t have half as difficult job…but anyway, they aren’t working, so we all get a day off, lol.  I do have to go into college though, because I need to renew my books in the library (I’m annoyed that I didn’t think of that before so that I could have done it when I was in anyway, but I didn’t), so I’m going to go in, and while I am there I will do some work on the computers I think.  While I’m in Halifax I have to take a letter for my father into the town hall about planning, and I think I will go and call in on Natalie (yey, hehe).

And its bonfire night tomorrow.  I’m not going out though, just going to stay at home.  I can usually see quite a few fireworks out of my bedroom window, so I will do that.  A while ago tonight there was quite a good little display on the other side of the valley which I could see.  I don’t think it was an organised type of one because it wasn’t anywhere they could have one, and they weren’t all going off in one after the other, they sort of went a bit at a time, but they were very good.  I think it will be a group of people who have go together to buy some fireworks because they were good (I know, I said that a lot 😉 ).  Also on the theme of fireworks – I was waiting for Natalie the other day on the bench at the front of Sainsbury’s, and a man came out with some fireworks he had bought, and put them on the chair on next to the bench, and leaned them on the bench arm.  Not too bad, except that they were pointing at my head…not a nice thought, lol.

So thats tomorrow, and I should be off.

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