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Hmm, I had my last lolly today. They lasted longer than I thought they would actually. It was the first few days that I managed not to eat them and just look at them all lined up nicely, but then when I got stuck into them I couldn’t do anything about it, and they were gone one a night, lol.

Hmm, anyway, what did I want to talk about? Ooh, I know – the firemen. Well, they are on strike now for the second day (its a 48 hour strike, and they have had 24 hours of it (well, about 30 hours now)), and I’m not sure if I am on their side or not. Actually, I think I am sort of half and half in favour – I think they do deserve more, but I also think that what they are asking for it just a silly amount (for those who don’t know, they are wanting a 40% pay rise). The army are covering while the fire service are away on strike with their old ‘Green Goddesses’, which are quite obviously not up to the job (it looks like they are just loaded up with garden hoses…). Some people have talked about the army getting the red fire engines which are sitting not doing anything in the fire stations, but I have to admit that I don’t agree with that – it would mean crossing the picket lines, and I don’t agree with that, just on principle (still I do see a problem with public safety…difficult one, I think). Just on the same subject, I get the impression the firemen aren’t very good at keeping to their strike – I read in the paper about how they left the picket when they saw some of the Green Goddesses passing them, and went to help…part of me wonders what the point of being on strike is if they are not going to stick to it, but then again, I do see why they want to help…hmmm, oh well. And finally, on this – my prediction is that there will not be an 8 day strike in the next few weeks, but we will see…just my prediction 😉

Seeing as I was talking about the Army there a bit, I may as well mention that they were in college today trying to get people to join up. They were supposed to have paintballing on the lawn at the front of our college, but I’m not sure how well that will have gone down in the pouring rain. I didn’t stay to find out – I went to see Natalie. I rang her last night, and she wasn’t well and said she wouldn’t be in college today, so I decided that I would go and pay her a visit by surprise. I got soaked though getting there, but it was worth it I think…I got to see her, and cuddle her a bit. I hope it made her feel a bit better at least…and she was dead sweet in her dressing gown, awww poor little thing. While I’m on the subject of Natalie, she is coming here to stay over on Saturday night, which will be nice. My mum wanted to see us actually (we usually stay at her house, and my parents wanted to see us, because they like her, and like seeing us, hehe).

Well, I’m going to clean my teeth now and go to bed, ready for college tomorrow, and what will no doubt be another great physics lesson (ooh, is that boring at the moment, lol).  Never mind…has to be done 🙂

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4th November, 2002

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Hmm, well I have a day off tomorrow because the college lecturers are all on strike – they want the same pay as school teachers, which seems a little over the top to me seeing as they don’t have half as difficult job…but anyway, they aren’t working, so we all get a day off, lol.  I do have to go into college though, because I need to renew my books in the library (I’m annoyed that I didn’t think of that before so that I could have done it when I was in anyway, but I didn’t), so I’m going to go in, and while I am there I will do some work on the computers I think.  While I’m in Halifax I have to take a letter for my father into the town hall about planning, and I think I will go and call in on Natalie (yey, hehe). [read more]

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