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I have no idea how to start.  I’m just sat in front of my computer hoping that I’ll be able to find the appropreate way to say the things I want to say.  I guess this is one time when the well practiced English skills have deserted me.  Starting’s always the most difficult thing to do in letters and E-mails.  Once you have the start the rest should just come out of thin air.  But I’m a paragraph in and still have no idea how to say it.

I guess I’ve chosen this method of communication because it’s easier than doing things face to face.  I know we’ve talked but I’ve found it quite difficult to communicate my feelings to you that way.  I find verbally communicating my feelings daunting and a little bit frightening.  I know I always manage to mess up what I want to say when speaking to you because I get so nervous and just end up jibbering on or getting my words mixed up. Or I just end up missing the point entirely. [read more]

Posted on Monday 21st April, 2003 at 12:00 pm in Life & Love, Open Diary.
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