End of college year, and other things

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I did have other things to say, just little things, but I forgot them…hmm, lets try…

Well, first off – I had my last lesson of this year on Tuesday. So I have officially finished college for the year. It seems strange that this first year is over, it still doesn’t feel like a year, it doesn’t feel anywhere near long enough, and they expect me to have done well in the exams after what seems like only a few months? Well, it’s gone, and when I get back I will be heading into the work for the A2 levels (actually, in the last 3 weeks we have started on that, but not done much really, most notable I suppose is the maths where we have got though the whole of the first sort of topic already). So, that will be fun, but I also think that I will have to resit some of the modules in January, we will see. I was talking to Kirsty on the bus on Thursday after a conference I went to (about UCAS forms, and the personal statement part. It wasn’t exactly great fun, but it was useful, and I think should help. The best bit was getting to read the example forms from other people, always a good laugh) – she has moved from our college to one in Huddersfield, and she was saying that she wasn’t happy at all about some of her exams, and I know that there was a bit of messing about with IT, so she was saying she thinks she will have to resit that at least. So that is college, just one other thing I have to comment on is the grass on the lawns at the front of college – when the grass isn’t growing fast they come along and cut it almost every-other day, but as soon as the weather is nice for growing grass, they leave it, so that when I try to cut across it to speed my way to college, I have to push though knee length grass…*sigh* [read more]

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This Week

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Heh, I aught to be updating this more often now I have no excuse not to – not as if I am doing much else.  So then, so far this week I have done really nothing of great importance (but you aren’t supposed to do in the holidays!).

My dad asked me to cut the grass on Monday, so I did, in the rain.  The most annoying this is that it was drizzly all morning, and until about 2.  At about 1.30, I decided that it wasn’t going to clear up, so went out to cut the grass (I know you aren’t supposed to cut grass in the rain, but I had to get it done!).  It wasn’t too bad, the lawn mower only stalled a few time, and I managed to run out of petrol half way down, so had to trudge all the way back to the workshop to get the petrol can, and take it out to the thing, then take it back again…at least the can got a free ride on the lawn mower 😉  I watched the concert in the palace gardens on Monday too, and it was pretty good I thought, and the fireworks afterwards were very good (even on TV).

I saw Natalie on Tuesday (which was also a Bank Holiday), and got there just to find out that her dad’s car had decided to hit another one on Ovenden Way (OK, he drove into the back of them), so was being taken off for repair.  That was my lift home going away on the back of a break-down lorry.  Sooo, they suggested that I stayed there for the night.  I rang my parents who, irritatingly, were happy to pick me up(!).  They were going to the cinema though, so we (my mother and I) decided that it would be too early for them to pick me up before they went, and they wernt willing to pick me up afterwards (aww, shame 😉 ).  So I stayed at Natalie’s house Tuesday night.  We went for a walk down to the bottom of the nearby school fields and talked for a long time about all sorts, which I liked, and then went back and watched something that she wanted to watch about the Queen Mum and her husband.  It was quite interesting.

I didn’t sleep much that night (because I was in a strange place, and her curtains are too thin, and because I’m not used to sleeping with another person there so I couldn’t get comfy and things), but I still liked it alot…ahhh, it is nice to be able to fall asleep with her in my arms then wake up with her in just the same place, I like it alot.  Still, when I got home, I went to bed, and slept for another 4 hours Wednesday afternoon.

Today, I woke up at about 12 (I think it was, but I don’t know – my clock isn’t on because my dad has decided to steal the extension off me, claiming it is his (ooh, it annoys me because I know its mine, but he lost his for the stereo downstairs and so decided to take mine when I wasn’t in the house, and now claims I took it in the first place…grrr)), and decided to go out for a cycle.  So I got out my dad’s bike (mine has been damaged for ages, and not got round to mending it), pumped up the tyres, and headed out towards a radio transmitter on the other hill side (had to have something to aim for, or I would have just got no where).  I realised how unused to cycling I am, I was really worn out not far up the other hill side…I would never used to have been like that, but then I used to ride everyday, and I haven’t for ages recently.  Anyway, when I got to the top of the hill I considered carrying on and dropping in on Natalie (I was about halfway, and the worst bit was getting up the hill), but decided not to, because I would probably just get there to find she just went out to work.  Instead I turned round and came home.  It took about an hour to get to the highest point, and only about 15 mins to get back, because it was all uphill…and yes, because I had to stop alot 😉

So that was the last few days.  Only got 3 days more off, today (being Friday now), Saturday, and Sunday, then its back for the silly 2 day week, and ‘enrichment’ which wont happen.  I think I might see if I can find something to do useful with the rest of the 3 days that I get off each week because its not like I will be able to do much else – everyone else will be back at school on a normal timetable, and Natalie is in college full time because of the course she is doing, sooo…I don’t know, have to see!

And now I want to get some tea 🙂

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