First stages of development

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Development of this plugin began this evening with some exploratory posts to the Twitter API.   I’m going to work on putting together a roadmap for the project over the next couple of days, pulling together all the suggestions posted previously, and prioritizing the tasks.  It’s likely I’ll concentrate on posting to Twitter in the first instance before moving on to pulling into WordPress from Twitter feeds after that.  In the mean time do feel free to add your thoughts on what you’d like to see in what I hope will be one of the most complete WordPress Twitter plugins available.

As you would expect with a project of this kind, you can follow the progress of the plugin via my Twitter feed: @CzDuck.

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Ultimate WordPress Twitter plugin

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There are a whole load of different Twitter plugins out there, each doing their own thing. Some are designed to fetch data from Twitter, some designed to post data to Twitter.  Many blog owners have to use combination of 4 or 5 of these plugins to be able to do eveything they want to do.

After talking with a colleague over the Christmas break we decided it would be great to have one complete, ultimate Twitter plugin for WordPress which offers a whole range of functionality in a much more flexible way when compared to some of the existing solutions.

We have our own ideas and bugbears which we will be addressing, but I’d also like some input into the features and functionality the community would like to see.  So, please, add your ideas in the comments below and we can start to build up a feature list to start working on.

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A quick catch up

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I’ve been useless at writing recently.  I’ve got lots to write about, and I’ve failed.  I think generally I’ve had a few things to do in the evening when I would normally write this which have taken precedence (although I’ve been a bit useless doing most of those things, too).  I’m going to try to catch up with a few things in one go here, but I’ll try to write in more detail about a couple of other things soon.

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