Aldershot – our town centre coming together

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Rushmoor Borough Council recently put out a consultation on proposed improvements to Aldershot town centre. The proposals cover three phases of work to improve the environment of the main shopping areas and pedestrian approaches to the town’s main shopping areas. Further details of the proposals can be viewed on the Rushmoor website.

Having lived and worked in the Aldershot area for going on 9 years now (some of the work work having even been related to improving the image of Aldershot town centre), combined with my amateur interest in town planning, I have more than a passing interest in these proposals so decided to respond to the consultation. Below are my thoughts, recorded for posterity. I will be interested to see the further discussion of these plans amongst the elected members of the council in coming months. [read more]

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Westgate Aldershot: Spot the Difference

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Cineworld from Princes HallThe long awaited Westgateleisure complex‘ in Aldershot officially opened on the 26th October 2012. For the first weekend the only thing open in the complex was the cinema, with Morrisons opening the Monday after.

Having watched the development being built just over the road from where I live and reviewed the planning applications in some detail I was curious to see how close the final product to the promotional pictures actually were. So I went out on the 4th November to try to reproduce the concept images in real life. I’ll add a few updates as the restaurant units fill up over the next couple of months.

See if you can spot the difference…

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