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Oooooh, hehe, well then, for all the nerves that I had before, I now have a job 🙂

Ages ago I took a form into Dixons about part time Christmas work, and then forgot about it (it was ages, even before the Matalan interview).  On Saturday, the manager rang my house in the morning (when I was out at Theatre school), and wanted to arrange an interview for today (Monday).  My mum rang Natalie’s mobile to tell me that he had rang, and that I should call into the shop when I was in Halifax.  After our regular eat at Burger King on Saturday (and the no show of Emma and the apparently wonderful Mike (who none of us have actually met yet, despite arranging it a million and one times)…surprise surprise – she was stuck in traffic apparently, which obviously meant she couldn’t ring to tell us that she wouldn’t be there…), I went in and organised an interview for 11 o’clock.  Originally they suggested 10, and normally on a Monday I would have been able to get to that, but this week I had arranged an extra politics lesson for then…so I had to say 11 (or actually, they suggested it, and I agreed, lol).  Anyway, I went in and Simon, the store manager, came down.

It’s only a small shop downstairs, but when you go upstairs, it is about 3 times the size.  I would have thought that the upstairs bit would have been about the same size as the downstairs bit, but it is not at all, it is massive.  We went through the door at the back of the shop, and up some stairs, then we went down this sort of corridor past the warehouse, and into a little room at the back (a sort of kitchen place).  The strange thing is, we seemed to go back further than the actual size of the building, so what the little room was actually above is any one’s guess – it couldn’t have been above the shop :-\  So, he talked to me, and it was less like an interview, and more like a chat (which was nice I suppose, but a bit odd, he didn’t ask maybe questions, just when I was available to work, and what I wanted to do in the future, and what I was doing now…I was expecting some taxing questions!).  When we worked out what hours I was available, he said something about there not being many (and, I know, there aren’t), and I sort of got worried at that – maybe that wasn’t a good thing, and he wanted people available more than that – but that seemed to turn out to be a good thing, lol.  He said there was another guy who had also been in that morning, who was available more hours than me, and that with us both he could manage to fill in all the time he needed for workers (he said that its good that way, because he does most of the work, and then I do the hours which he can’t and we are both happy, rather than have to put up with having to split the hours between us and neither of us being happy with what we have been given.  Usually he takes on one extra person, apparently, but this year he was looking at doing that, sooooo, yey!  He told me what the job was about (and it sounds like a bit of everything), that it would probably be storeroom stuff, but there would also be stocking the shop floor, and even a bit of sales (and customer service), at times.  He said that they would teach me the till and things, and so on, so that should be a bit of fun…and its an interesting shop, so hopefully I will enjoy that…he also said it was dead easy.  In fact, he said that all the time – everything he said he described as dead easy…I suppose that he was trying to make me feel better about it (or maybe it really is, lol), but its one of those things which I noticed he did…oh, I hope it doesn’t carry on if I work there, lol.

He told me about how they give out a little hand book about the rules and things, and legal issues, and safety, and that they give you a nice posh uniform to wear…and then, when he realised that he was telling me all this at my so called ‘interview’, he had to add ‘if you get the job of cause’. It was pretty obvious that he had decided (although he did say that he had some more people to see this afternoon, which I suppose doesn’t mean that what he said is final), and he said he would ring me at about 5 this afternoon when I got in from college.  Still, after saying that he also said that he would most likely be able to fit my hours in…and then just at the end, he said (again) he would ring tonight, and then I should come in tomorrow and get the hand book, and a couple of t-shirts.  Soooo, I am pretty confident that I have the job 😉

Yey, so I’m going to head home after college, and await the confirmation (watch him say no now, lol), and then I have a free in my college timetable tomorrow when I can call in and get all my stuff and start learning about how the company works!

So that was today so far.  Now I’m in a computer room in college just filling in the hour I have between tutorial, and physics which I have next.  I was going to see Natalie (because she usually has a lesson in the computer room over the road, and I used to go into there in this period, but now there is a new computer room over here), but I don’t know where she is – I thought they might use this new room, but they aren’t here, and I emailed her college account which she usually checks asking where she was, but she hasn’t replied yet.  I might go for a wander over there in a second and see if she just hasn’t looked, but I don’t know…have to see how I feel 🙂

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About time you got a damn job, boy!

lol, jk. You know I lubs you!!

Posted on 11th Nov 2002 at 12:00 pm by Only_Hope.

congrats!!!Hope you like it as much as i like my job – its my first one…ever.!! I started in June and LOVE it!!! Manager and superviser are WICKED!
Hope youve got your UCAS form in. I’ve already had 3 replies from my unis. And all have offered me a conditional place!! 2 are at lancaster and the other is hull.
Lancasters my first choice!!!V happy.
Just need to hear from aston=2nd choi

Posted on 11th Nov 2002 at 12:00 pm by She Who Daydreams.

i! I’m on a random noting spree handing out bags of hugs! *leaves you a bag of hugs*
Have a good day!!!
(posh? lol.. i wish i said cool stuff like that, american english is stupid.. oh the trials of growing up in the states(lol). i hope you get the job!)

Posted on 11th Nov 2002 at 12:00 pm by Whitney.

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