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I have two sides to me: one artistic and one scientific.  I’ve always had this.  At college I studied sciences – physics, maths, computing – whilst before this I attended a theatre school.  At university I read computer science but spent a lot of time at the radio station and some time with the theatre group.  Now in work I am a photographer but make a considerable amount of my living from web development.  I’ve always tried to balance these sides out, but it’s tough.

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Oooooh, hehe, well then, for all the nerves that I had before, I now have a job 🙂

Ages ago I took a form into Dixons about part time Christmas work, and then forgot about it (it was ages, even before the Matalan interview).  On Saturday, the manager rang my house in the morning (when I was out at Theatre school), and wanted to arrange an interview for today (Monday).  My mum rang Natalie’s mobile to tell me that he had rang, and that I should call into the shop when I was in Halifax.  After our regular eat at Burger King on Saturday (and the no show of Emma and the apparently wonderful Mike (who none of us have actually met yet, despite arranging it a million and one times)…surprise surprise – she was stuck in traffic apparently, which obviously meant she couldn’t ring to tell us that she wouldn’t be there…), I went in and organised an interview for 11 o’clock.  Originally they suggested 10, and normally on a Monday I would have been able to get to that, but this week I had arranged an extra politics lesson for then…so I had to say 11 (or actually, they suggested it, and I agreed, lol).  Anyway, I went in and Simon, the store manager, came down. [read more]

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