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Hmm, I’m a little annoyed, I’ll tell you why, because it might make me feel a little better…so anyway…

I know its not really a big thing, but it made me annoyed – just that, because (I imagine its because of this), I was younger than him, he thought I was totally useless, or at least incompetent in something which I have been doing at a pretty high level (if I do say so myself, lol), for years.

Let me explain.  There is a university choir singing at my mum’s church on Sunday, and they arrived today so they could rehearse tomorrow.  With them they brought a synthesizer to do part of their accompaniment.  Now, last year, we provided a keyboard and amplification, and this year they just wanted the amplification, so I did the same setup, and sat about in case they needed help getting the synthesizer to work with it.  When they turned up, they came along and put it all in place (while I was sitting at the other side of the room), and then shouted across and asked if I had a ‘four-way’.  The first time I wasn’t sure what he said, so I set off towards him, and asked again, soo, he said it again.  This time I knew what he said, but I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant, just saying a four-way, isn’t exactly the most clear thing in the world, and there are loads of different 4 way things that it could be – audio cables, digital cables, midi cables, etc, etc.  Anyway, I asked again, and this time it clicked.  I wasn’t sure if there were any in the church, so I sort of made an ‘I don’t know’ thing with my arms, and said I would go to look, and went off to look.  We didn’t have – we had a double (13A), and a triple (6A), so I didn’t get either, and went back.  My mum came into the area, and he called out to her, and asked her if there was a four socket extension in the church.  She said he should ask me, because she didn’t know…and right in front of me, to my mother, pulled a face when she suggested it, and just sort of made out that he would be amazed if I knew.  I wasn’t happy at all.

I don’t know, I imagine its because he is doing something like music technology at uni, and because of my age, he just thinks that I don’t know about it, especially after I asked him 3 time, but I don’t care, it was the way he said it (or rather, what he meant), when my mum said he should ask me.  I didn’t have to set that up for them, I didn’t have to spend my time this evening getting it all working for them…and all I got was that…soo…

I didn’t do anything else, and I wouldn’t have if they had asked, I don’t think, if he thinks that about me, then why should I prove anything different?

It doesn’t matter.  I’m not going to go back – let my parents bring it back if they can – as long as they put it back again as it was (wires wrapped and the rest), and I get all my connections and things back (which I have a suspicion I wont because they had some of their own, and I bet they get swopped around), and if I don’t, then I will charge them for new ones – simple, lol.

Ahh, there we go, I feel better now.  I know it wasn’t serious, but it irritated me – I spent that time doing that with my own equipment, and that is all I get back.  Ahhhhh, who cares.

Hmm, another week until the end of term, and the big long summer hols…but I still need to find myself a job for it, to fill time, and get money, lol.  I will look seriously in the next week, and I will finally fill in those forms which are here on my desk, and have been for months now.

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Everyone BACK UP! The DUCK is MAD! LMAO! I understand why you’d be slightly annoyed yes…lol. And no! it didn’t make me feel any better! but thanks for trying! 😉 lol.

Posted on 21st Jun 2002 at 11:04 pm by Princess Amber.

hey you were one of my first notes, just wanted to give you a visit…

Posted on 21st Jun 2002 at 11:04 pm by TomMeagher.

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