Another two down… three more to go!

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Guess what I mean…yes, blah, exams!  Well that’s all that I have left now – General Studies, and two Physics exams.  I finish on the 26th (I think it is – a week on Thursday), and then that’s it until uni (this is the plan at least, lol).  I had computing today, but I’m not going to talk about it…its not worth it, however well I did will be found out in the middle of summer.

The problem with not talking about exams though is that it doesn’t leave much to talk about, because I’m not doing much else at the moment.  About the most exciting thing I can talk about is the weekend…so here we go…a detailed account 😉 [read more]

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A bit irritated

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Hmm, I’m a little annoyed, I’ll tell you why, because it might make me feel a little better…so anyway…

I know its not really a big thing, but it made me annoyed – just that, because (I imagine its because of this), I was younger than him, he thought I was totally useless, or at least incompetent in something which I have been doing at a pretty high level (if I do say so myself, lol), for years.

Let me explain.  There is a university choir singing at my mum’s church on Sunday, and they arrived today so they could rehearse tomorrow.  With them they brought a synthesizer to do part of their accompaniment.  Now, last year, we provided a keyboard and amplification, and this year they just wanted the amplification, so I did the same setup, and sat about in case they needed help getting the synthesizer to work with it. [read more]

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