The Funeral

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Following my Grandma’s death there were things to be sorted out.  My mum spent the couple of days immediately following my Grandma’s death staying at her flat sorting out the will and funeral arrangements.  There is, apparently, quite a bit of running around to do.  The funeral happened a couple of weeks later.

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Mrs Joyce Muriel Last

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I think the last time I did a proper update was in September after my visit to see my Grandma in hospital, so I’ll start off there.  Please excuse me if I repeat anything I said in that post – I’ve no read it recently.

At the time she was in a ward Middlesbrough.  The ward wasn’t the best place for her – there was nothing to do, she was getting bored.  Although she was ill she was still basically mentally fit when prompted.  Yes, she couldn’t always remember things very clearly, but she was a very clever woman and when we visited as a family and talked to her about things she enjoyed (we did the crossword together, for example), she was fine.  On that visit we found some photos from her first wedding in the cupboard and my mum took those with her on the next visit to show her, and she remembered quite a bit about it, although couldn’t remember where abouts in Leeds the photos had been taken.  So my mum kept on at the hospital to get her moved somewhere nicer, somewhere nearer home, to the hospital I was born in, the little town hospital in Guisborough. [read more]

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"Left. No, left. No. That's the wrong way."

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I just got in to find Dana shouting directions down the phone to Tim who is trying to find his way out of Birmingham (the place he lives, incidentally).  This wouldn’t seem like a strange thing if it weren’t for the fact she’s having to shout everything three or four times before he listens and takes action.  He also seems to have no clue where he is.  No clue at all.  God knows what he would do if he was left alone, or if Dana wasn’t quite so… accomodating.  I know I’d have got fed up with having to shout things over and over and over for half an hour (and still going!), no matter who it was.

And the best bit of all?  He demanded she ring him back.

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A visit to the hospital

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I know what I said last time, but all this work’s been getting on top of me.  I don’t suppose I should complain really, it pays the bills.  Now a few things are coming to an end (and I’ve decided to give myself an evening off) I’m taking an evening off.

The Blood Bowl site is nearly complete — I should have it all wrapped up by next week — which is a relief.  It’s been more work than I was expecting in all honesty.  I’ve done most of the updates for the theatre school website, but failed to get a ‘quote’ to them before their last committee meeting as I promised.  One Flew Over The Cookoo’s Nest has been and gone (you can read a review here and another one here).  My dad’s starting up a company and I went to a meeting in York with him and my brother about their marketing and publicity.  Actually I had two reasons for going back up north that weekend. [read more]

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A quick catch up

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I’ve been useless at writing recently.  I’ve got lots to write about, and I’ve failed.  I think generally I’ve had a few things to do in the evening when I would normally write this which have taken precedence (although I’ve been a bit useless doing most of those things, too).  I’m going to try to catch up with a few things in one go here, but I’ll try to write in more detail about a couple of other things soon.

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"Do you want me to call you back?"

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How come, whenever Tim calls, he always expects Dana to ring him back?  He’s working full time on much more money than she is, renting only a room in a much cheaper area of the country and, presumably, isn’t stopped from selecting a phone tariff which would give him reasonable value calls to her network.

And why does she just behave as if it’s perfectly normal?

Am I missing something here?

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Don't say: "Are you planning to stay all night?"

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A couple of weeks ago Paul, a work acquaintance of Dana and I, got married.  While they married in a small ceremony in Spain, they had a reception back here for around 200 people at a posh hotel.  I was invited, as was Phil, Dana and Tim.

We were told about it quite a long time ago, and Dana had spoken to Tim about him going.  He’d not been very keen on the idea and had initially tried to convince Dana that she shouldn’t go, simply because he didn’t want to.  Thankfully she stood her ground and said she was going, and that it was up to him if he wanted to.  He agreed to come along after he’d finished work and made his way back from Birmingham.  She offered for him to give both me and Phil a lift back after the reception. [read more]

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Perhaps I don't have a valuable contribution

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It’s funny how people can make you feel so cut out. I’m sure they didn’t mean it, but by standing just outside my room and more or less whispering to each other, it feels like they were more or less just trying to exclude me from the conversation. Funnily enough, when Tim left they started talking at a normal volume — admittedly Polish, but that’s just natural given they are both Polish. Am I thinking this because I don’t like him? Am I just over reacting?

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A birthday and the theatre

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Phew, it’s been longer than it should have been.  I was going to tell you about the drinks with Dana, Tim and co. a couple of weekends ago and I also need to catch up with last week and end.  So here goes.  I’ll try to be brief! [read more]

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Almost speaking my mind

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Following Microsoft’s announcement to cut 5,000 jobs a certain someone has flown into (yet another) panic.  Actually, it was just another thing which has made him get on the phone rather than engaging his own brain.

I finally said this to Dana the other day.  I got a lift back home with a friend early last week and as I was coming back into the house I saw Dana standing looking concerned on the phone.  I commented to my friend that she was probably on the phone to Tim.  She was, and I couldn’t help but overhear a bit of the conversation.

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