Fallout from a fickle industry

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So Tim lost his job.  Oh well.

Let me explain.  Tim is an animator, he draws stuff.  Currently he works for Rare, a computer game studio owned by Microsoft.  It seems that this industry, like most industries based around the arts, is pretty fickle and unstable.  When there’s work on it’s great, when there isn’t then there’s a whole load of talented people all looking for work doing the same thing.  His contract was only ever short — 3 months I think initially extended to 6 months — working on the little rip-off Wii Mii things Microsoft are releasing as part of their XBox 360 dashboard enhancements this autumn.  He heard today that they wouldn’t be extending his contract simply because they don’t have any work for them to do. [read more]

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Escaping the decorators

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I’m so tired.  I can’t concentrate on what I’m supposed to be doing — I tried to do some work but I just can’t think stright.  On that front it doesn’t help that I don’t have access to the internet on this train.  They call this a main line. [read more]

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House, cat, grandma, holidays, etc

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Well there goes another entry (heh, it seems to be calming to write this from college after exams, lol).  I should be in general studies now, but I’m not going to go – my excuse is that I’m stressed about the exam I just had (or something…).  That’s one thing that is odd – we don’t have exams leave as such.  They decided that they would carry on running lessons up to the exams, but we get the day before any exam off so we could revise.  I think generally people are taking that as being ‘it doesn’t matter if you don’t go to lessons, no one will complain’.

Anyway, enough with talk of exams (that was the last entry!).  Its spring bank holiday next week, hurrah.  It will give me chance to have at least some kind of rest, even if I have promised to go into Age Concern at some point over the holidays (rather was nagged into it by my mother, lol). [read more]

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Prevent crime – make bread

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Honestly, the police told us.  Yesterday when I was in the afternoon, my mum came up and said there was a police woman downstairs who was trying to find out if there was anyone who had seen an attempted break in next door. Apparently someone had tried to get into his conservatory, but had been scared off. Now our kitchen looks out straight over his conservatory, and they think that a light coming on in our kitchen scared them off.  Next door went to bed at about 12, and my parents went to bed at about 11, but I went downstairs at 1.30 to put the bread on for the next morning…and put the kitchen light on. I can’t say I realised, or that I saw anything, but they think that me going down to make the bread scared them off, lol.  I don’t think they would have got away with anything if they had got in – the alarm would have just gone off, and they would have gone then – but its always nice to know I probably prevented it.

I haven’t written since Christmas so I will try to get this up-to-date now. [read more]

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Back to college tomorrow

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*Yawn*  Hmm, I dont know why, but I’m so tired today!  I slept in for ages, and it wasn’t as if I got to bed that late (hmm, must have been about 2…hehe), and I slept yesterday afternoon, but I’m still tired, don’t know why.  Anyway, I’m going to be in bed by 12 tonight (that was the plan anyway) – it’s back to college tomorrow, and although I don’t have any lessons untill 12.45 tomorrow (because of this new 2 day timetable thing), I still have to be in at 9 for what will be, I’m sure, a total waste of time meeting.  I don’t know what I will do with the rest of the time I have to spend before tutorial.

This holiday has gone too quickly.  I suppose its because of the very long weekend at the beginning of the week (the Jubilee), mainly.  But anyway, I can look forward to only 6 more days of college (how good does that sound, lol)…spread out over 3 weeks (slightly less good)…meaning only 17 1/4 hours of lessons left (heh, how sad is that, counting the hours 😛 ).

Yesterday I met Natalie in Halifax, and we came back here.  In the afternoon we went with my mum (my dad was going to come with us, but he didn’t get back from the other house soon enough), to the Halifax charity Gala.  It was better than most years, but you know what that sort of thing is like, its not great.  I suppose it is a nice day out of the house, and the atmosphere is good, and I got to have an ice cream (I have been after one for ages, but I havn’t been able to get one because wherever I went the vans were either just disappearing over the hill, not working, not there at all (like at the market, grr), or there when I was going past on my way somewhere else!  Anyway, I got one, lol.

The other notable thing was that I saw James.  We were friends at primary school, but he changed schools (from the one I was at, to a private one, a few villages away).  We didn’t see each other much after that, but we did occationally.  The thing is, James always wanted to be a paramedic when he was at school, and yesterday I saw him – now a memeber of St John’s Ambulance.  I was really happy.  Sadly he was ‘working’, so we didnt get to talk to each other, but we passed, and smiled.  I think thats great 🙂

So today, I have done very little.  The most notable thing being that I made some cheese scones…they are very nice, but no where near enough cheese, so I will remember that for next time, lol.

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Hehe, yep, I have been in an earthquake!  I know its not usually something that people are happy about, but it didn’t do much harm, and I was awake when it happen, and its something that not everyone can say, hehe. [read more]

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Big Storm Type Thing

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I have been meaning to write this for a while now, but I havnt got round to it, never mind, here it is –

We just got the TV working again today  – the ariel had been nocked out of place by the very stong winds that hit on Friday evening.  It was mad, just seemed to come from nowhere.

No warning or anything, I was just talking to my parents in the snug, when I saw that is was raining.  It rains alot, so thought nothing of it (why would you).  The electricicty in this house flickers on and off sometimes in the wind and rain and things, and the lights flickered a little, so I thought I would come up here and turn off my computer so I didn’t loose the work I had on it, so I came up, and was saving things and shutting it down, when the rain suddenly got really bad, and I mean really bad.  As my mum said – when you looked out of the window it looked as if you were under water, with the rain driving at the house.  The wind also go up, and just got worse, as I looked out of my window I could see the trees bent right over in the wind, it was really strong. [read more]

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