Finally back to college!

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It was really back to college today, finally, but as always with our college, it was a bit of a waste of time…I went in at 10, and met Kevin at the front who told me that we were in a different room because they had found asbestos in our old room (hmm, nice to know after I have been using it for a year, lol).  So I was there by myself at 9.  I sorted out what I was going to do, and my new timetable by about ten to 10, and then went up to a meeting with Charlie at 10.  That was about 10 minutes long, but that was supposed to be the time we were in college for (no one had told me we were supposed to be in at 10, and not nine).  So after that we all, as a group, went back down to our room, and went though all the things that I had already been though – a total waste of time for me.  Anyway, he kept us until about 12 then let us go. I could have gone at just after 10, but anyway… [read more]

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College, Party in the Park, and a bit more

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So its September again, and September in England to students means that its back to education.  So it should be back to college, and it will be on Friday…but no one bothered to tell the second years at college that we start again on Friday.  I don’t know where I got it from, but I have written down in my diary that we start back on the 2nd, and when I spoke to other people from college, they thought the same…but apparently not. [read more]

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25th August, 2002

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Yey, well, I havn’t written for ages again, and, again, that’s because I havn’t done anything!

Hmm, so this last week the days have been broken between sleeping, being on my computer here, and being with Natalie.  I think the two main ones there are Natalie and sleep…and a bit of sleeping with Natalie, lol.  Actually, I only stayed at her house last weekend and this weekend, no other time, which is a little surprising for us.  I think its been probably because of the hours she has been working – they have been all over the place, and I havn’t known when she was and wasn’t – and also because we have been trying to get used to not being able to be with each other all the time, like we have over the holidays.  Its going to be really strange to go back to college in those terms – I miss her when I’m not with her for a day or two, and when we go back we wont be able to see each other for ages at a time, then not for long when we do get to be together – I don’t honestly know how we will manage, for a while at least.  Have to I suppose.  I just don’t want to think about if we end up going to Unis over the other end of the country from each other (I suppose if we are together then, but I hope, oh, I do hope). [read more]

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Exam results

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Exam Results came out today, and, hmm, well, I am happy with some of them, but I have to admit that I am not happy with the rest :-\

Here we go then (starting bad, getting better, lol): Maths & Physics – E 🙁  Sociology – C, General Studies – B (I got 100% in one of the papers, I don’t know how, the examiner must have been drinking, lol), Computing – A.

I’m happy with the last 3, but its the first two that are a problem.  I knew for a long time that I wouldn’t get a good mark in Maths, but I wasn’t sure about Physics…I thought a C maybe, but…well.  OK, so I know I didn’t do work this year, I know that I should have done work, I know I should have actually taken it seriously, and I know I have no excuse for what I got, I know that.  Still, I have to do something about it, and I will do.

I suppose I can say that until the cows come home, but I will do, I will do something about it – number one, do some actual work this next year in college!  I don’t know what else I am going to do about it, but I only got the results today, and I will think about it tonight I’m sure, and see what I can do about it.  I suppose I can resit parts of the exams which let me down, that is a possibility with the AS levels, however much I don’t like the idea of them.  But not to dwell on the bad things, I got 100% on one of the G/S papers, which was impressive (very impressive), and I did better than I thought I would in Sociology, hehe.

My parents are going away in about 3 weeks, to central Europe…that will be fun to say that most of it is underwater, hehe.  They are going to the two places that are the worst hit, hopefully their holiday wont be totally messed up, but we will have to see.

That’s about all I want to say for now.  I’ll think about college things, and I’ll let you know what I decide, whatever, I’ll be OK, and as Natalie said – I still have her, and we love each other.

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Oppps…been a while…

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With all this doing nothing, I haven’t been here to update!  Well, here we go, not all that interesting, but worth a quickie…

So whats been up, not much to be honest – I have been seeing Natalie a lot, I stayed over at her house on Wednesday because it was her dad’s birthday and her parents wanted me to(!!), and I stayed last night too because her parents went out for a meal for her dad’s birthday, and we looked after her brother (who is 12, but its a good excuse to stay over there, lol).  We watched ‘Meet the Parents’ which was quite amusing…we were going to watch ‘What Women Want’ but it was on at 8 and we weren’t really wanting to snuggle down by then, so we waited until 9 (this was on Sky Premier).  Today we didn’t do anything really — stayed in bed until late, then we were going to go for a walk but it rained and then when we were going to wander to the shop (just for some sweets and to get out), her mum panics because her brother wasn’t back from swimming 7 hours after they went (he just spent the day out in the end, then went to his friend’s house after, but she was worried). [read more]

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End of college year, and other things

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I did have other things to say, just little things, but I forgot them…hmm, lets try…

Well, first off – I had my last lesson of this year on Tuesday. So I have officially finished college for the year. It seems strange that this first year is over, it still doesn’t feel like a year, it doesn’t feel anywhere near long enough, and they expect me to have done well in the exams after what seems like only a few months? Well, it’s gone, and when I get back I will be heading into the work for the A2 levels (actually, in the last 3 weeks we have started on that, but not done much really, most notable I suppose is the maths where we have got though the whole of the first sort of topic already). So, that will be fun, but I also think that I will have to resit some of the modules in January, we will see. I was talking to Kirsty on the bus on Thursday after a conference I went to (about UCAS forms, and the personal statement part. It wasn’t exactly great fun, but it was useful, and I think should help. The best bit was getting to read the example forms from other people, always a good laugh) – she has moved from our college to one in Huddersfield, and she was saying that she wasn’t happy at all about some of her exams, and I know that there was a bit of messing about with IT, so she was saying she thinks she will have to resit that at least. So that is college, just one other thing I have to comment on is the grass on the lawns at the front of college – when the grass isn’t growing fast they come along and cut it almost every-other day, but as soon as the weather is nice for growing grass, they leave it, so that when I try to cut across it to speed my way to college, I have to push though knee length grass…*sigh* [read more]

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Back to college tomorrow

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I don’t know why, but I’m so tired today! I slept in for ages, and it wasn’t as if I got to bed that late (hmm, must have been about 2…), and I slept yesterday afternoon, but I’m still tired, don’t know why. Anyway, I’m going to be in bed by 12 tonight (that was the plan anyway, lol) – its back to college tomorrow, and although I don’t have any lessons until 12.45 tomorrow (because of this new 2 day timetable thing), I still have to be in at 9 for what will be, I’m sure, a total waste of time meeting.  I don’t know what I will do with the rest of the time I have to spend before tutorial.

This holiday has gone too quickly.  I suppose its because of the very long weekend at the beginning of the week (the Jubilee), mainly.  But anyway, I can look forward to only 6 more days of college (how good does that sound, lol)…spread out over 3 weeks (slightly less good)…meaning only 17 1/4 hours of lessons left (heh, how sad is that, counting the hours 😛 ).

Yesterday I met Natalie in Halifax, and we came back here.  In the afternoon we went with my mum (my dad was going to come with us, but he didnt get back from the other house soon enough), to the Halifax charity Gala.  It was better than most years, but you know what that sort of thing is like, its not great.  I suppose it is a nice day out of the house, and the atmosphere is good, and I got to have an ice cream (I have been after one for ages, but I havnt been able to get one because wherever I went the vans were either just dissapearing over the hill, not working, not there at all (like at the market, grr), or there when I was going past on my way somewhere else!).  Anyway, I got one, lol.

The other notable thing was that I saw James.  We were friends at primary school, but he changed schools (from the one I was at, to a private one, a few villages away).  We didnt see each other much after that, but we did occationally.  The thing is, James always wanted to be a paramedic when he was at school, and yesterday I saw him – now a memeber of St John’s Ambulance.  I was really happy.  Sadly he was ‘working’, so we didnt get to talk to each other, but we passed, and smiled.  I think thats great 🙂

So today, I have done very little.  The most notable thing being that I made some cheese scones…they are very nice, but no where near enough cheese, so I will remember that for next time.

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End of exams!!

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Yey!  Well, that’s all my exams out of the way, yey.  I had my last one today – Physics.  The first one wasn’t too bad, but the second one wasn’t good – it had a lot of nuclear physics in it, and we didn’t cover that much so I’m not too sure on it.  Heh, anyway, that’s it for this year, and I can sit back for a while until the results come through! [read more]

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College and Exams

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This is the 3rd time I have written this entry now…and it’s getting annoying!  It’s my fault, but that’s not the point – I crashed my computer first time, then reconnected the second time because it wouldn’t post, but I copied it so I didn’t have to rewrite it…and forgot to post it!  So here we go again…

Its the last week of my exams this week, and I have 5 left – two computing on Thursday, two physics on Friday, and stats tomorrow.  Stats wont me much fun – its the worst of the maths, and if any of the others are anything to go by then it is going to be hard. [read more]

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Not a Proper Update

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I wanted to update properly today, but I haunt got time now – I wanted to do it earlier, but I fell asleep instead, which was nice, hehe.  I will try to update again tomorrow when I get back from my maths exam, and I will be off catching up with other people’s lives too 🙂

Just want to say that, as of today, I never have to touch sociology ever again, and that is a fantastic feeling (almost at the same level as not ever having to ever do PE again, hehe).

I had 4 exams today, and have written 20 sides of A4 in 5 hours, and my finger still hurts from it all, hehe.  Still, it means that I now have 2 complete subjects out of the way – Sociology and General Studies.  I actually enjoyed the G/S paper 2 today, it was good fun.

Anyway, I will write more tomorrow 🙂

Just to think – only 1 week and 1 exam left this year, then that’s all I have to worry about, yey.

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