A day of ups and downs…

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Here is a tip – don’t try to do clever Politics essays at 20 past 2 in the morning.  Sometimes I wonder where I went wrong with the time of day I do my college work…Well, I have it done now, and its not tooo bad, but I don’t know, that’s what I think at 3 in the morning, lol.

Hmm, this year, so far, has been pretty bad.  There is a part of me that wants to just start again from the beginning, but I can’t, so I guess I should make the best now…but I do wonder where it all seems to have gone wrong. [read more]

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Parents evening, Natalie, work and a CD

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I have been meaning to do this since Tuesday now, but just haven’t got round to it…so, here goes…oh, and you know what it is all about now from the title…I think I should come up with some more original ones, I’m just not very good at them!

The week at college has been pretty dull with just normal college type of things going on.  It was also parents evening yesterday, which my dad went to by himself because my mum was on a conference.  It was just what I thought it would be – a waste of time.  Kevin (my politics teacher), was in a meeting when my dad arrived, and then had to dash off (even though he had appointments), so my dad was told that he would ring today (or yesterday now…but I’m calling it today because I have been up since – its still my Thursday, hehe).  Duncan (physics) told him what he told him last time that they spoke, and David just said I was doing fine, and that he thought I would do well in the kind of thing I want to do at Uni (actually, I didn’t know this until today when my mum told me (my dad didn’t tell me, but told her and she told me…), but he apparently said he thinks I should do a PhD…but I’m not too sure, how does Dr Jonathon sound, lol 😉 I don’t think anyone can say that I should do one at this time in my life!).  So I think my dad thought it was a waste of time evening as well. [read more]

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Birthday!…Yesterday anyway

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Hello again from college! I’m waiting for Natalie to finish her maths lesson, and then I am going to see her (I only have computing on a Wednesday, so I can see her when she finishes), and I’m sort of doing my computing work as well as this (the analysis that has to be in for the end of next week, which I only started today (although not all my fault – the people I am doing it for still haven’t got back to me, so I’ making it up 😉 )). [read more]

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Natalie, Mike, and Lollies!

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Oh dear, I think I have done it again – its just gone 2am, and I am still doing college work :-\  Actually I am writing an email to the person at my mum’s work who is in charge of the silver surfers project (to get old people to use computers), about my computing project – I’m making them a program to replace the paper system for tracking the punters, lol.  I always end up working late on things like this!

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to seen Natalie (yey).  I miss her in the week…I mean, this week has been better than normal because we had Tuesday, and last week we had Wednesday, but normally its awful, I miss her so much when we aren’t together.  Hmm, last night we argued again…and it was about the same sort of thing as before.  I know why she feels the way she does, and thinks the things she does, but it hurts that she feels that she can’t trust me.  I’m trying my best to do everything I know to do to make it so that she trusts me the way I trust her, but it just feels like its not working…I think, deep down, that is must be, mustn’t it?  I mean, it must make some difference somewhere, even if I can’t see it now.  Yes, it hurts that I feel that she just wont believe me whatever I say, no matter what I say, when I know I have never lied to her, and I never will do.  It hurts that whatever I do it feels she is always looking for me to do something that might indicate that I’m not telling her the truth in some way…but I know why, and I don’t blame her for it…but it still hurts, you know?  God knows, I’ve cried about it for the last few nights, and I can’t help it.  The thing is – I love her, I really love her, and I can’t fight the feelings that I get when I’m with her, and I can’t pretend that I don’t feel the way I do when I talk to her, because its there, and its not going away.  I love her, and I’d do anything for her, and I want to help all that I can…I’ll wait if she wants, I’ll be there when she wants, anything at all, because there is no point in trying, and I don’t want to try, to do anything but that when I feel the way I do.  We talked tonight, for a while, on the phone (initially about this) and it felt so good to talk to her…I said this to her tonight – when I told her that I’d be there for her forever, I meant it, and I still mean it, I’ll mean it no matter what, because I love her. [read more]

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4th November, 2002

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Hmm, well I have a day off tomorrow because the college lecturers are all on strike – they want the same pay as school teachers, which seems a little over the top to me seeing as they don’t have half as difficult job…but anyway, they aren’t working, so we all get a day off, lol.  I do have to go into college though, because I need to renew my books in the library (I’m annoyed that I didn’t think of that before so that I could have done it when I was in anyway, but I didn’t), so I’m going to go in, and while I am there I will do some work on the computers I think.  While I’m in Halifax I have to take a letter for my father into the town hall about planning, and I think I will go and call in on Natalie (yey, hehe). [read more]

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Just things, and an awful TV program…

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Ohh, so its November now, and my birthday is in this month, hehe.

Hmmm, well, this week is over, and it was pretty un-eventful.  We were only in college for 4 days because there was staff development on Wednesday, so I went to see Natalie and we spent the day together.  Its going to be another four day week next week because there is a strike by lecturers on the 5th.  I think I might go into college though, and just find a computer that I can do something on, so I’m not stuck at home (if I just stay in I wont end up doing any work, lol).  Have to see how I feel on the day.

I think I am going to stay at Natalie’s house tomorrow night, but other than that I have no plans for the weekend…I know I need to do another politics essay for Monday, and I have more notes to write up for it as well (actually I might save that for Tuesday…), but I have a few things to do for college (oh, including the analysis of my computing project that needs to be in for mid November (groan, lol)).  I have also decided on my 6th Uni as well – Hull.  It looks nice, and they do a good course…and it isn’t too far away either 🙂 [read more]

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Finally, an update

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So here we go, I have finally updated here…sorry its been so long, I have thought about it, but just not got round to it (or not been in the mood)…and I have been working on this since Friday evening, lol).

Hmm, what is there to say.  Well, its been the holidays this last week so I haven’t been in college (obviously, lol), but I have been working on things for my UCAS form.  I got the personal statement done before we finished on Friday, and showed it to Kevin who suggested a few improvements to it, which I did that day, and then brought it home for my parents to have a look though…and they have come up with even more things to put in it *sigh* …still, its all for the better 🙂  I think I have most of my choices for uni’s pinned down as well – York, Durham (hmm, which I’m not too keen on at the moment because of the accommodation, but still putting it down), Lancaster, Exeter (which is a long way south, and I would be a long way from Natalie :'( ), and Dundee.  I still need to get a 6th one, and I think it should be my insurance one – with lower grades so I know I will get in there if nowhere else!  So I am all set to rush off to a computer room when we get back to college and fill it all on so they can get it off nice and soon, lol. [read more]

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Back to college tomorrow

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*Yawn*  Hmm, I dont know why, but I’m so tired today!  I slept in for ages, and it wasn’t as if I got to bed that late (hmm, must have been about 2…hehe), and I slept yesterday afternoon, but I’m still tired, don’t know why.  Anyway, I’m going to be in bed by 12 tonight (that was the plan anyway) – it’s back to college tomorrow, and although I don’t have any lessons untill 12.45 tomorrow (because of this new 2 day timetable thing), I still have to be in at 9 for what will be, I’m sure, a total waste of time meeting.  I don’t know what I will do with the rest of the time I have to spend before tutorial.

This holiday has gone too quickly.  I suppose its because of the very long weekend at the beginning of the week (the Jubilee), mainly.  But anyway, I can look forward to only 6 more days of college (how good does that sound, lol)…spread out over 3 weeks (slightly less good)…meaning only 17 1/4 hours of lessons left (heh, how sad is that, counting the hours 😛 ).

Yesterday I met Natalie in Halifax, and we came back here.  In the afternoon we went with my mum (my dad was going to come with us, but he didn’t get back from the other house soon enough), to the Halifax charity Gala.  It was better than most years, but you know what that sort of thing is like, its not great.  I suppose it is a nice day out of the house, and the atmosphere is good, and I got to have an ice cream (I have been after one for ages, but I havn’t been able to get one because wherever I went the vans were either just disappearing over the hill, not working, not there at all (like at the market, grr), or there when I was going past on my way somewhere else!  Anyway, I got one, lol.

The other notable thing was that I saw James.  We were friends at primary school, but he changed schools (from the one I was at, to a private one, a few villages away).  We didn’t see each other much after that, but we did occationally.  The thing is, James always wanted to be a paramedic when he was at school, and yesterday I saw him – now a memeber of St John’s Ambulance.  I was really happy.  Sadly he was ‘working’, so we didnt get to talk to each other, but we passed, and smiled.  I think thats great 🙂

So today, I have done very little.  The most notable thing being that I made some cheese scones…they are very nice, but no where near enough cheese, so I will remember that for next time, lol.

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What I have been up to since last time…

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I know it’s been a while since last update, but there isn’t much to say really.

I’m getting on with college, and I have declined a couple of my grades so I have to sit them again – in Physics I am taking the Waves and Nuclear Physics module in January again, after teaching from my nice tutor at home, and Maths I don’t know when I am taking things, but I will be doing, still to work that out.  Talking of my Physics tutor, I am really getting on better in it now with him doing it, he is really, really good, a lot of the things I never really understood with the other tutors I understand with him…which can only be good, lol. [read more]

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Short one about college

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The weather was certainly right for college – it rained non-stop from just before lunch, and is still raining now. [read more]

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